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Daily Musings - November 2002

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Thursday 28th November 2002

Last night was the most probable night for 'Shab-e-Qadr'. I spent the whole of it (well most of it) praying at the mosque. It really felt great.

Tuesday 26th November 2002

22:00 Met some friends for Dinner. Its amazing how long you can talk about keyboards and keyboard layouts. We all agreed that if not faster, Dvorak layout was definitely more comfortable and that the Kinesys is a great keyboard.

16:00 The battle against Spam continues. I just added these subject keywords to my filter:

"proposal", "wonlo", "n'4", "free", "lose", "earn", "save", "complimentary", "viagra", "investment", "deal", "important"

Any matching messages will go into the suspicious folder.

Also created a separate page for dealing with Spam.

Saturday 23th November 2002

Tonight is the first of 3 virtuous nights in the holy month of Ramazan, one of which is ' Shab-e-Qadr', better than a thousand nights. It is the eve of either the 19th, 21st or 23rd, the exact night being secret.

Friday 22th November 2002

Managed to play a video on the iPaq using 'famplayer'.

Thursday 21th November 2002

Got locked out of the house because today was the due date for the rent and I completely forgot about it. Managed to get in thanks to David, who lives in the same building and has the master key.

Wednesday 20th November 2002

Just tried the Opie distribution. It does look better than both GPE and PocketPC.

20:00 Switched back to GPE because some apps kept crashing. Amazing how many apps are available for Linux on the iPaq.

22:42 Just got back from the Blog Meetup in Omotesando. It was very interesting and has prompted me to try out the blogging scripts (or write my own). A total of 5 people showed up. Dan, Stuart, Ian, Derek and yours truly.

Tuesday 19th November 2002

Tried installing Linux on the iPaq. It looked better than PocketPC. I onlyi installed the GPE distribution today but will try more tomorrow.

Monday 18th November 2002

Just realised that Linux doesnt support SD cards due to NDA issues. More waste.

Sunday 17th November 2002

Last night, David invited me to a sneak preview of the 2nd Harry Potter movie (at 12:20am). Im not a big fan of HP, but it was still fun.

Went to the gym again after breaking my fast and bought a 128MB SD card for the iPaq. Later, saw 'Spy Game' with the others in my building. It was very nice.

Saturday 16th November 2002

Got the iPaq h3850 on Saturday from Yodobashi Camera in Shinjuku. They were only selling iPaqs at their 'outlet' store on the 8th floor. Im not sure what that means, but they might be used/display models.

The TLUG meeting went pretty well. I specially liked the first part by Simon Cozens who talked about his 35 CPAN modules in 35 minutes.

15th November 2002

Ive been meaning to buy a PDA for quite some time now, but shy away at the last minute. I think it will be a big help in organizing my life (actually, I just need a new toy).

This past week, I tried to order the iPaq H3950 from Murauchi's site, but had to go through so much hassle in verifying my identity, that I just cancelled the order.

Tomorrow, I plan to drop by Akihabara and just pick it up at Laox or one of the many other shops.

14th November 2002

Mozilla seems to be getting slower and slower on my machine. I am hoping for both an upgrade and a faster machine soon, but for now, Ill have to settle for an alternative.

I was a big fan of Opera and paid the $35 registration fee, but more than once Ive caught it using more than 50% of my CPU doing nothing so I may get rid of it.

Meanwhile, I installed Galeon on Jim's recommendation and it looks pretty good after changing to a different theme (Aquatic).

25th October 2002

Someone had this to say about Linux and Windows on the TLUG mailing list today which I thought was great:

"To me, the difference between Linux and Windows is like the difference between a restaurant and a party at someone's house. If you'd prefer to hang out in the +kitchen at a party, watching, helping, tasting, interfering and generally having a good time, Linux may be for you. If, on the other hand, you like to be seated in a restaurant and have things brought in a supposedly finished state, you might want to stick with windows."

"There's nothing wrong with either option, as long as you know what the deal is:

You can't expect to hang in the kitchen at a restaurant and you can't expect to get waited on hand-and-foot at a party with friends.

It all depends on what you're in the mood for..."

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