Atom feeds available

Wednesday 30th August 2006

Atom feeds available

I was getting a lot of hits looking for my Atom XML feed in addition to RSS. Most CMSs now support them and in some ways, it looks technically better than RSS (such as having an unformatted summary option). To increase the reach of this blog (as well as just to try out another technology), I have modified Pylogger to generate Atom feeds. I have yet to fix the date format, but otherwise the feeds seem to be working fine.

XML Feed (Atom) for Sajjad's Blog

Better late than never.


On 1st September 2006, at 08:48am PKT, Jeff said:

I found your blog and life story very interesting as I was looking through the web for an insight into life in Islamabad. My wife and I are investigating your City next week the 8th, 9th and tenth of September and may return shortly thereafter from Sydney,Australia, to work in major construction for the next few years. If that does occur I would like to contact you regarding a position with our Company.



On 1st September 2006, at 09:33am PKT, Sajjad said:

Dear Jeff,
Thank you for your comment. I'd be happy to be of help while you're here. Do let me know when you're around.


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On 8th October 2009, at 08:37am PKST, Naimish said:

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