Cause for concern

Wednesday 15th November 2006

Cause for concern

My sister suffered a bout of illness a couple of days ago that has really shaken everyone. It turned out to be nothing very serious (yet), but I will do whatever it takes to make sure it stays that way. This also means less time for everything else, at least for the next few days. Please pray for her.


On 16th November 2006, at 11:05am PKT, shiraz mughal said:

May God give your sis a quick relief to what ever she suffering from and ever lasting good health.

On 16th November 2006, at 17:47pm PKT, Atif said:

May God bless her with his blessings and bring good health to her.

On 16th November 2006, at 19:50pm PKT, Bizzwhizz said:

Nice blog. May your sis get well soon (ameen)

On 16th November 2006, at 22:41pm PKT, Adnan Siddiqi said:

Inshallah your sis will get well soon. Read Surah Rahman and Surah Taghabun.

On 20th November 2006, at 14:18pm PKT, Sajjad said:

Thank you all for the support. My sister's been ok since that day and is slowly recovering. We're working on improving her health in general. Many thanks also to Dr. Furqan who made the problem go away.

Health post coming up.