Musharraf reply in English

Wednesday 8th November 2006

Musharraf reply in English

A followup to my previous translation of Adnan's speech, below is the second part, a translation into English of President Pervez Musharraf's reply. It was longer than I had imagined, but the President's words were quite straightforward and I didn't have to think much on it.

And watching it again, I realized that it was a very good speech, considering that it wasn't scripted. That also made its interpretation a bit difficult in the sense that many sentences broke off and wouldn't have made sense with direct translation. I've added some comments to facilitate this which I hope are accurate enough. The last part of the video I have is also a bit corrupted so the last couple of paragraphs may not be very accurate. Let me know if there are any errors in them.

Ok. Thank you. Thank you very much. This guest's... The speech of our guest from Binori Town definitely prove one thing, that here, independence of views, transparency (exist)... None of the selection is such that they can't speak (that there is no censorship). This man in uniform (pointing to his khaki) has allowed this, whereas before now, it wasn't. You should know what would have been the future of someone who spoke in such a manner in the past. So, only this man in khakis has allowed you to speak freely and share your thoughts, but you must also have the ability to listen to others' opinions. The problem starts when you people do not have the ability to understand other people's views and refrain from doing what you... it was from your (madrassa) that... burned the office of "Business Recorder"... Those were graduates from the very same madrassa you came from that did that. Don't do this.



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