Full debate with Musharraf

Monday 30th October 2006

Full debate with Musharraf

A couple of weeks ago, I happened to see a clip of a student debate that took place sometime last year at the Convention Center in Islamabad. The clip was of a speech by Adnan Kakakhel, a student of a mosque in Karachi, in which he quite eloquently grilled President Musharraf on a number of issues.

It seems that Adnan and his speech are now quite famous and the clip has made the rounds on a number of blogs. I really wanted to hear the President's reply to it, but couldn't find the full clip earlier. Thanks to Eidee Man who posted the link on Pakistaniat, here is the full video:

Though I usually find his speeches to be witty, bold and articulate, I wasn't very impressed by the President's response to Adnan's speech. He didn't seem very sober, though that could be just how he speaks in Urdu, and looked somewhat nervous, outright refuting most of the points made against him. Still, he must be applauded for trying.

As for the student, I've had the pleasure of meeting Adnan a number of times since his brother is a good friend of mine. Quite a striking personality if you can look past the beard and the "mullah" look. And yes, he is still alive and well after that speech.

Since I saw a number of posts asking for English subtitles, I'm attempting to translate the speech and post it here (sorry, I don't have the tools for that level of video editing). Do check back in a bit.


On 31st October 2006, at 01:38am PKT, Mustafa said:

Musharraf's response might not be perfect but he deserves full credit for allowing total freedom of speech. How many ex-heads of our state would have let this happen and then be able to reply rationally and confidently?

On 1st November 2006, at 11:35am PKT, Atif said:

Well to me, Musharraf reply was really good and made Adnan to applause for the President. Musharraf raised some important facts based on real figures.

On 21st November 2006, at 08:57am PKT, mohsin naqvi said:

The points raised by Mr. Adnan were valid if seen from a narrow point of view, which Pakistan cant afford at the moment, it needs to think about its economical future. Views interpreted by the leftist were certainly to be considered and are surely being dealt with, as per the statistics given. There has been a clear decrease in unemployement a clear indication to which is an increase in the industrial sector. The president should be given a certain amount of credit for all the work that he's doing, but obviously can only be appreciated if looked by a broader and unbiased point of view.

On 19th January 2007, at 17:25pm PKT, Saad Moten said:

do you have download version of this video, if please send me or let me know the link to download this video

On 24th January 2007, at 16:47pm PKT, ZeGe said:

Mr. Pervez lacks best communication style, especially when talking in Urdu;
The student's speech was more like some performance in oratory competition with important issues like Ideology, Economy, Political Instability and Provincial Differences. At the same time, student was good in communicating but I believe quite bad in convincing others for his points. He got appreciation only for the style and use of certain words, and I dont find any good strong contents in his speech.
Mr Pervez has made good points (not in much appreciating style). He has addressed all the issues highlighted by the student, except the Struggle for Ideology Clarification.
I shall be reserving my own comments on all of these matters;;;;

On 25th January 2007, at 20:58pm PKT, Dilawer Ali Dahraj said:

Alright Mr President but what about the statement by the student about you quitting as promised on 31st december?

On 27th January 2007, at 01:03am PKT, Talha Syed said:

Can I get a download version of the this video. Adnan did a good job and Mushahid tried to save his boss!

On 30th January 2007, at 11:06am PKT, Moosa said:


Mr.Musharaf's response was not very powerfull as compared to the adnan's speech but adnan delighted the whole nation by his speech. can u please tell me the way i can download this video on my pc.

On 31st January 2007, at 17:12pm PKT, Raheel said:

nice to see this blog...

both banori and mushi were way convincing and impressive for their known people... however, to me... the public that is generally victimized by GENERAL'S given growth rate and economy indicators... both are useless... he spoke he was almost crying for national interest and what he was replied with was fake assertions, fabricated figures and baseless economy growth indicators...

HH general sahib lied about balochistan... he said "bugti k elawa sab sardar merey sath haen" and he even pointed towareds Sardar Mengal and Rind... now when bugti is gone to his destiny... it is other sardar's turn.... as mengal is in karachi jail and requested for Class B and permission to see his family members....

On 14th February 2007, at 12:54pm PKT, ishfaq said:

This type of question is always show. The Authority of Pak is always arrange such type of conventions to show the peoples views. Such type conventions are in all Provincial capitals like Karachi, Peshawar, Lahore and Queta to satisfy the people. This is good for all the poeple.

On 19th February 2007, at 12:28pm PKT, Akbar said:

I had the opportunity to see this interaction live. I give full marks to Adnan for being very confidently delivering that well written script.
However, i must say that there is a decorum of addressing to a head of state. Had it not been the President Musharraf he would have never been given this opportunity at the first place. Only a person with a character can silently listen to such a criticism that too in a presence of foreigen digniteries and live coverage. Hats off to the president.

His speech has damaged his own Madressa which is now banned for particpating in such events. All such opportunities to interact with the students of mainstream educational institutions and the govt officials who have the power to solve issues are not stand closed for his fellow mates and his institution.

On 19th February 2007, at 15:06pm PKT, Ahsan Shamim said:

I have seen the conversation earlier. Whoever wants to keep a downloaded copy can get from youtube or google videos. I got mine from google as well. Its 87 mb.

Musharraf tried well, but it was more arrogant than logical. The guy simply did a marvellous job while acting as a perceived pro-madrassah and speaking better than our brethren of IBA, LUMS and NUST etc. there.

On 20th February 2007, at 17:12pm PKT, farrukh butt said:

i want to download this link please send me link of this thanks

On 28th February 2007, at 00:06am PKT, Benais omer zuberi said:

It is president who allowed hm but wat he did is made the whole madrasas band in any other conventions like these islam is sweet polite thr r ways to deliver

On 12th March 2007, at 08:53am PKT, Abubakar said:


Mr.Musharaf's response was not very powerfull as compared to the adnan's speech but adnan delighted the whole nation by his speech. can u please tell me the way i can download this video on my pc.

On 17th March 2007, at 17:11pm PKT, Ilyas Ahmad said:

I could not listen the speech due to slow internet speed. Kindly let me know how can i save it to my PC.

On 23rd March 2007, at 06:23am PKT, usman said:

On 27th March 2007, at 00:05am PKT, ali said:

please email me the blog or let me know where i can download an offline version of this speech.

Bravo Adnan!

On 11th April 2007, at 23:35pm PKT, moon said:


On 5th May 2007, at 22:51pm PKT, kashan said:

i am in urgent need of Adnan Kakakhel's contact number. If this is not pssible so plz atleast provide me information about his current health etc. I want such a information that will verify his current status, his current location, the place where he is currently living. Plz reply me soon its urgent.

On 24th June 2007, at 23:53pm PKT, Riaz said:

I am really dissappointed with Gen Musharrafs reply to young chap Adnan.

Its really moment of think for pakistani nation. we should not bother politicians...

I am in uk and i love to come pakistan but coz of pakistani politics and power class and i dont want to come...

anyways May God Bless pakistan


On 1st July 2007, at 18:18pm PKT, Muhammad Shakeel said:

I could not listen the speech due to slow internet speed. Kindly let me know how can i save it to my PC.
I also want to get know about Adnan, I heard that he has been killed by Mushraf after speech.
please inform me clear situation.
Muhammad Shakeel
District Bagh Azad kashmir.

On 3rd December 2007, at 17:44pm PKT, Saggar said:

please sent me this debate video because i cannot download it

On 3rd December 2007, at 17:45pm PKT, Saggar said:

please sent me this debate video because i cannot download it

On 22nd January 2008, at 20:33pm PKT, Uthmaan Jilani said:

A confident speech by a perfext MULLAh!!!@@@@@

On 29th March 2008, at 18:38pm PKT, Asad said:

Mr.Adna Kk is Ok and He is Our Teacher. The Nice Person I have ever ever met in my 25 years of Life.
Thanks forall the comments

On 2nd April 2008, at 19:24pm PKT, Salman Hasan said:

You said Adnans Brother is a friend of yours, please can you let me know their contacts.
I also used to live in yola, nigeria around the same time as them, and they were friends of mine,and we were also family friends.
I was pleased to see him on tv.

On 17th April 2008, at 14:44pm PKT, aurangzeb said:


On 5th July 2008, at 03:06am PKST, Adnan Abid said:

A Very good speech by ADNAN KAKAKHEL

On 15th January 2009, at 13:21pm PKT, Nayyar Afaq said:

President Musharraf is the only leader ever in the history of Pakistan to give such an open freedom of expression... He listened much patiently to the young man's speech, and in very great and polite manner he replied each and every point...
Long Live President Musharraf...

On 23rd April 2009, at 12:50pm PKST, Luckyguraya said:

very nice speach, very very nice speach... god bless u Adnan app ne sahi baat ki.

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