Musharraf on the Daily Show

Sunday 1st October 2006

Musharraf on the Daily Show

President Musharraf's trip to the US and the release of his new book is making waves everywhere. I was surprised to read that one of his planned appearances was as a guest on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show", hosted by Jon Stewart.

Musharraf drinks tea on the Daily Show
(click to download a 15MB MP4 footage of the episode)

I just love this show and was afraid the honorable President might fall victim to one of the show's gags, which can be quite brutal at times, but I think it went very well and he came out with his "dignity" intact. Jon, though curiously witty as usual, seemed to keep a certain level of respect and Musharraf's answers, though not the wittiest, were enough for him to deserve it.


On 2nd October 2006, at 12:20pm PKT, Waqas Toor said:

ok couldnt stop my self to comment on this ... first of all about the book ... a pathetic thing by Mush :) u know why dig into history and come out with any "IN RULE" president of Pakistan or any country who had time to write books ???? ... ive heard and read about after retirement or after rule or after death books came out in the scene ... lame excuses about AQ and other decisions ... and about that show ... its same like taking bush to some UMAR SHREEF's program and let umar play some jokes on bush ... come on he is a presedent of some country( Pakistan) what is "dignity" had to do with comedy show .. it sucks :(

any ways couldnt keep my mouth shut for that ... pathetic President

On 3rd October 2006, at 07:33am PKT, J. David Beutel said:

I hold The Daily Show in high regard, and was impressed to see President Musharraf on it. It elevated my impression of him.

On 3rd October 2006, at 11:14am PKT, Sajjad said:

Waqas, though the Daily Show is on Comedy Central, you can't compare it to an Umar Shreef show. It is more of a humorous news program or talk show rather than a slapstick comedy. Anwar Maqsood would be a more appropriate comparison than Umar Shreef.

Anyway, the fact that the Daily Show has a large audience makes this a good PR move, regardless of Musharraf's intentions or whether he is right or wrong. A bad decision would have been to go on a show such as Jerry Springer.

On 22nd October 2006, at 23:06pm PKT, saira said:

is this goddam site being run by Mushu's chamchas?? coudlnt any of u run a deeper analysis of the situation here? r President is appearing on the DAILY SHOW! he's writing books about his goddam dates and selling goddam autobiographies which have probably been written by his sect. as a PR stunt! he's stayed in America on the state's budget PROMOTING his (story) book... it probably cost us billions of dollars since he was stayin in the Monte Carlos of USA! r goddam president is such a sell-out! and all u guys can say is "not bad... good interview... atleast it wasnt JERRY SPRINGER"

On 22nd October 2006, at 11:35pm PKT, Sajjad said:

Dear Saira, thank you for sharing your thoughts, though there is no need to use abusive language. No, I'm not "Mushu's Chamcha" as you put it. If I was, your post would have been deleted by now (together with Waqas's) and I wouldn't be replying to it. If you go through the blog, you'll find a number of criticisms of the government and its policies. But anything that paints this country in a positive light should be highlighted. Actually, I was going to post about a speech made by a student recently that was equivalent to a slap on the Pres's face and which I totally agreed with.

No doubt that this trip's expenses should be accounted for and it is quite obvious that it was a PR stunt at the tax-payer's expense, but that doesn't mean we can ignore any positive outcomes from it. Our pre-Musharraf prime ministers made similar trips that cost us God knows how much, without improving the nation's standing in any way. At least this had some trickle down effect in improving our image. And not all comments, such as my last one, are meant to be taken seriously so please chill.

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On 21st August 2008, at 18:19pm PKST, Great said:

Which current leader would have the guts or the wits to go and do such a thing? Only Musharraf could pull it off. The rest of the retards would make a fool of themselves and their country.

On 7th September 2008, at 07:11am PKST, great_leader said:

Musharraf... What a great man!!!!! God bless him

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