Nokia 9500

Monday 2nd October 2006

Nokia 9500

It's that time again. After the disappointment at finding an ideal phone that could take decent pictures as well as easily balance my account, I had become sure that I would live out the rest of my days with a couple of simple, camera-less mobiles, such as the Nokia 1110 that I currently have (an excellent phone, by the way). Yet when the opportunity presented itself, I took the bait.

Nokia 9500 It was a chance to get rid of my broken (now repaired) 6680 and get a used organizer+phone in its place. I'm now the proud owner of a Nokia Communicator 9500. Ooh, the word "Communicator", combined with a very large 4-digit model number is enough to make any man proud and feel like the toughest kid in town. And it's not just the name and model that turns it into a woman repellant. This thing is a monster. A reminder of the days of yore when a phone was more than just a talking device. It was a status symbol, a show of power, a weapon you could use to actually knock your opponent out.

The phone portion of the 9500 is pretty slim actually. It's the inner LCD, keypad and the battery portion that are responsible for most of the bulk. Looking past the size (the weight doesn't seem to be an issue actually, or could be just me), the features could make up for the decreased portability.

Typing a message is almost as easy as typing an email, thanks to the thumb-friendly keyboard. The screen provides enough space to view even my blog, thanks to the built-in wifi support, and there are enough Nokia Communicator features to keep you quite busy. The one drawback I can see straightaway is the speed. Though I'm told that it can be improved after formatting the device once, currently, it feels slower than that 486 laptop I have stashed away in my closet.

I haven't had much time to mess with it, but it looks like I'll either keep it for quite a while (because of all the features) or get rid of it very soon (due to the size and slowness).


On 3rd October 2006, at 00:37am PKT, Teeth Maestro said:

I remain a big fan of the 9300 due to its smaller size and convenience of simply sticking it into ones pocket without feeling too heavy.

9500 for me is too much weight and size simply for a camera and WIFI. Just my two cents, but I must agree it lives up-to its communicator name quite well. I don't think I can ever go back to typing on the 10-key phones ever again.

On 19th October 2006, at 15:18pm PKT, Zeeshan said:

how much did it cost in Pakistan ?

On 21st October 2006, at 14:45pm PKT, hamza salman said:

dear sir this ones relly mind blowing very fit and interesting keep up the gud work :)

On 15th December 2006, at 18:18pm PKT, fawad said:

sir please please please send me your any nokia mobile god will extend your name is fawad s/o gulnawab postal code 19240 village and p.o barikot distric swat country pakistan. thankyou.......

On 9th March 2007, at 18:42pm PKT, Mohammad Zahid Soomro said:

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On 11th April 2007, at 11:11am PKT, ... said:

luogo fine, sapete..

On 15th April 2007, at 11:27am PKT, ... said:

Interesting comments.. :D

On 30th September 2007, at 06:25am PKT, abdul said:

ive got this 9500 thing but i cant get any email on it. what i mean is that i have to get on to hotmail website then check it i think there is a easier way of doing it.pls can you tell me .

On 10th February 2009, at 22:40pm PKT, zeeshan daska said:

How to do Wireless LAN setting of Nokia 9500

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