Back in Isb

Wednesday 27th September 2006

Back in Isb

Got back to Islamabad yesterday. I hadn't taken my car to Lahore for a number of reasons, one of them being the car's state (I'm not sure it would have lasted the trip without giving problems) and more importantly, because driving in Lahore is like trying to dodge bullets from a machine gun. However, after the discomforts of the Daewoo bus service and hagglingwith the rikshaw drivers, I'm prepared to take that chance on subsequent trips.

The night before, I was caught up in some work and missed the 11pm Daewoo bus I had a seat reserved in. I had heard a lot of good things about the twice a day train service between Lahore and Rawalpindi which covered the distance in just three hours, but the railway enquiry reps were so rude and unhelpful that I couldn't even get the fares and train schedule, let alone a reservation. Then went for a bite at a famous 24-hour cafe where the sandwiches, cookies and coffee really were pretty awesome. CTC was the name, methinks. Then I chatted with an old friend till it was time to start the fast, about an hour before sunset, and got on the first bus here.

Lahore is a nice place to visit sometimes. Plus, the food is generally better than what you will find in Islamabad's top eating places. But there's just this stuffy and chaotic feel to the city that doesn't allow you to relax much. Good to be back. Till next time.


On 27th September 2006, at 09:57am PKT, suga said:

Hi...I jus saw ur to do list..i will make one too :)
Aur sunao kase ho? Ramadan Mubarak...

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