Programming languages you should learn

Tuesday 19th September 2006

Programming languages you should learn

Eweek has this article on the ten programming languages you should learn right now. The (sorted) job availabilities they list for each language are as follows:

  1. Java: 14,408
  2. C (and all derivatives): 6,164
  3. VB.Net: 2,090
  4. C#: 5,111
  5. Perl: 4,810
  6. Javascript: 4,406
  7. PHP: 1,152
  8. AJAX: 1,106
  9. Python: 811
  10. Ruby and Ruby on Rails: 210 & 54

Interesting to note that Java still has more than twice the job availabilities of C, the next language in line. Though not a full-time programmer, I can claim to be somewhat competent with 5, 6, 7 and 9, the last one being my favorite and strongest skill. Thanks to this list, I'm inspired to add a couple more languages to this list. Guess I'll probably be learning AJAX and Ruby first. Java/C/C#/VB.Net are just too hardcore for a lowly sysadmin like moi.


On 19th September 2006, at 14:54pm PKT, Waqas Toor said:

interesting ... i always knew that java is the champ... and i you can do python and ruby ... then java is going to be very easy for you ... Trust me ... and AJAX ... ajax is evil and you can tell by my state ;) and youve seen me working toooo

On 25th September 2006, at 04:45am PKT, Stuart Woodward said:

Huh..uhuh.. AJAX is not a programming language.

Java is the COBOL of the 00s!

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