How Pakistani are you?

Monday 23rd April 2007

How Pakistani are you?

I'm pretty much sick of online quizzes, but this was kinda funny. Not surprisingly, it seems that I'm only 38% Pakistani, but hey, that's still more than what I (or most of my friends) would have expected.

Arey, you are 38% Pakistani!

Not bad, but not good enough to call yourself a real Pakistani either! You seem more London than Lahore, so why not try wearing a shalwar kameez for a week and maybe that'll bump up your rating...

How Pakistani are you? (first class number one!)
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On 25th April 2007, at 16:11pm PKT, Waqas Toor said:

hahahaha nice one really and guess what
i am 71% pakistani :P

On 27th April 2007, at 13:50pm PKT, Zaeem said:

42% :S

On 28th April 2007, at 02:58am PKT, Victor said:

For better or worse, I am only 0% pakistani it seems...

On 28th April 2007, at 10:39am PKT, Sajjad said:


Yeah, most of the questions only a Pakistani would understand. The rest make fun of some bad Pakistani stereotypes, something a foreigner would definitely not be serious about choosing.

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On 18th August 2009, at 14:37pm PKST, WXZjQLibBUzN said:

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On 18th August 2009, at 14:54pm PKST, vOeFdOHsxKq said:

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