2007 in 25 words

Monday 31st December 2007

2007 in 25 words

Overall it has been a very turbulent year. The Red Mosque siege, protests, explosions, imposition of emergency and the big assassination last week are just some of the major events to rock this part of the world. However, it was a relatively smooth and uneventful year for myself. Here is how I would sum it up in 25 words:

New job where I could be creative
Moved to nicer house and area
New PC after a long time
More exercise and healthier diet


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On 2nd January 2008, at 02:05am PKT, Atif said:

You had been looking for nice digital camera and I can see that in your todo list. That remains for this year I believe.

On 2nd January 2008, at 11:30am PKT, Sajjad said:

Yes, that was high on my priority list. But that was until I got the P990i. The camera on that gives pretty good quality and will do for now.

However, it doesn't work well for detailed outdoor shots so I'll probably get one sometime this year.

On 5th January 2008, at 17:29pm PKT, Test said:


On 9th January 2008, at 19:27pm PKT, Anonymous said:

It doesnt rhyme...

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