Telenor customer service

Tuesday 27th February 2007

Telenor customer service

I don't usually tend to get into conflicts and try to solve things peacefully or avoid unnecessary arguments, but there are times when it becomes important to take a stand. Yesterday's lunch hour was one such time.

I was out with a friend when we passed by Telenor's customer service center in Jinnah Super and decided to check out their latest mobile connection packages. Just as we were about to go in, a security guard stepped up with the intention to do a full body search. This made both of us jump back in surprise and was the start of a lengthy argument. The guard was joined by another one and both insisted that they can't let us in without a frisk, even after we asked to talk to the manager about the way they are treating customers.

We were directed to their main office on the other side and went in, hoping that someone responsible would come forward and explain, and maybe even apologize. Just as I finished writing down my particulars in their register, (after explaining our purpose, showing our ID cards and getting visitor passes) I heard my friend's raised voice. Surprise surprise. You need to go through a similar check to talk to the manager. So to complain about this security check, you need to go through the same security check. Brilliant.

Nonetheless, some of their executives came forward upon seeing the commotion and informed us that that's the policy and that they'll continue to abuse their customers in this way. We wished them luck with getting customers and left hoping never to give them any business.

I think it is the indifference of the general populace that is to blame for such demeaning practices to be common, even in large corporations such as Telenor. I think it makes sense to allow such searches in high risk places (crowded mosques are pretty common targets for terrorists these days and it is a step which can save countless lives), but like banks, these companies can easily manage a proper security system. Then why resort to such means?


On 1st March 2007, at 17:17pm PKT, Waqas Toor said:

Its not the case with Telenor only ... i dont know why they make customer service centers when they dont know how to treat a customer ... hospitals , hotels , police stations , courts , etc etc all are service oriented orgnaizations but see what happens the and how you are treated :)
basically what i think is that we have less options and giants to operate them so they can do what they can n we some technology geeks and mobile users a bound to use their products :)

On 3rd March 2007, at 08:47am PKT, Farhan said:

Customer service just never took off in Pakistan. :)

On 12th March 2007, at 18:14pm PKT, Muhammad Ali Rizwan said:

Dear Sir,
I want to have Telenor numbers for personal use if number is available kindly provide me It will be your great favour to me .please check the availability and reply me. Demanded numbers are given below.

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Best Regards
Muhammad Ali Rizwan
S.A Engineer
Huawei Technologies (Pvt) Limited
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On 2nd April 2007, at 19:45pm PKT, burhan said:

hi frnd i lost ma service centre num which iz sve in sim service centre num plz hlep me how can i send msg

On 19th April 2007, at 13:34pm PKT, Aqash Ali said:

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On 10th June 2007, at 08:28am PKT, yasir khan said:

please reduse thecall rat of djuice.

On 21st June 2007, at 16:27pm PKT, ziaur-rehman said:

i have a telnor number 03465953556 which is not regeterd. i want to regester my number what should i do.i contect my nearest brach office they say this is not local number we can not regester it. go there from where u got the sim. now i dont know from where this number belong of my friend bring it for me now i dont know from where he by it. so if u solve my prob i will be very thankful to u.
My ID card no = 21103-2500790-7

On 25th June 2007, at 20:01pm PKT, akhter said:

hi, i have 2 telenor number 0345-0344 and i want both number same ror example 0345-4135502 0344-4074936

On 1st July 2007, at 17:35pm PKT, Angel_boy said:



i have a telenor number 0345 4056831
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On 13th July 2007, at 14:20pm PKT, Asad Ali Soomro said:

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On 16th July 2007, at 21:24pm PKT, shahid ali said:

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On 23rd July 2007, at 15:24pm PKT, Irfan Khan said:

AsSalam-o-Alekom !
Can u let me know under which name
this Ufone 0333-9617682 number is
registered ?

Awaiting Reply as soon possible !
Salam to All Pakistani Fellows from Every Corner of Our Sweet Homeland.

On 24th July 2007, at 09:11am PKT, irfan khan said:

Salam Alekom ! if you please give me information about this Ufone number of Kohat Pakistan
0333-9632955. the registered person Name and Father name.

Awaiting Reply.

On 11th August 2007, at 11:50am PKT, Masood Kazmi said:

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On 17th August 2007, at 05:52am PKT, ahmed said:

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On 2nd September 2007, at 14:49pm PKT, Abdul Momin said:

I want to activate SMS pakage of Rs.179 how many Rs wil it take t o activate the pakge.
My cell no is 03469189748

On 11th September 2007, at 15:10pm PKT, zafar said:

i want settings for gprs

On 22nd September 2007, at 15:41pm PKT, Akbar said:


i want to know that how can I search a man with his / her telenor numbers

On 28th September 2007, at 22:03pm PKT, baber said:

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On 29th September 2007, at 04:58am PKT, Anonymous said:

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On 1st October 2007, at 10:46am PKT, Shahbaz Mirza said:

hi sir can u plz tell me whos no is this 03444418302, i'll b very thank full 2 u if u tell me that sir,

On 1st October 2007, at 11:58am PKT, sagheer said:

I have had a very bitter experience with Telenor last days. my mobile phone was unable to recharge from the prepaid Telenor card, i called their customer service at least 8 times and every time it used to take me atleast 30 minutes to speak to their representative. They said i had put a wrong scratch card number and that is why my phone can not recharge and on every call they used to give me 3 hours but when i tried to recharge after 3 hours it again was blocked saying same message. on my first day of trying to contact on 345 i was run out of my 345 attempts and then on the second day i woke up at 6 in the morning and spoke to one of their CRO's because in the day time only the lucky one's can speak to them and i already considered myself as an unlucky one after not having my balance in my mobile phone. I am now thinking about changing my SIM to some other service. I am really disappointed by their service as my phone still can not recharge my account.

On 1st October 2007, at 12:21pm PKT, A. Malik said:

Mr. Sagheer I do agree with u. It also happened with me while I was recharging my connection where when I spoke to the telenor helpline operator he enquired from me which connection I was using and I told him that I was using JAZZ. Sagheer, I think u better check ur connection whether it is telenor because u cannot charge ufone with telenor reload. Secondally u cannot charge below Rs.10.

On 1st October 2007, at 13:35pm PKT, Muhammad Rauf said:

Dear Sir,
I want a information.Ak nisar malik naam ka admi hai jis ka number ye hai(03462467234).os ne mare sath frod kia hai 1,00,000/= ka laiken mare paas os k number k ellawa koch nahi hai.aap pls meharbani kar k moje is ka address de dain.main aap ka nahayt shokargozar hon ga.


Muhammad Rauf
From Karachi
Mobile number-0345-3222041

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