Suicide bombing at Marriot

Friday 26th January 2007

Suicide bombing at Marriot

Just got confirmation about a bombing near the side entrance to Marriot Hotel here in Islamabad. It seems that the suicide bomber tried to enter the hotel using the side entrance and blew himself up when stopped by a security person who also perished.

These two are the only confirmed dead at this point, but it is very disturbing considering that things had been quite peaceful for a while now. This could be linked to the current Islamic month of Muharram, a period of mourning and an easy target for extremists. With the day of Ashura, or 10th of Muharram, just a few days away, this seems even more likely. I guess the recent increase in security checks and huge convoys of police cars and army trucks are only a show of the government's power and meant to protect the powerful rather than the common man.

Though I hardly ever went to Marriot before the last such incident a few years back, it has become a popular hangout for coffee or the occasional meal. My friends and I usually gather there late at night, but were there recently for evening tea. Will be thinking twice about it now.


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