Firefox spell checking

Saturday 7th July 2007

Firefox spell checking

You may already be familiar with it, but I just discovered that the version of the Mozilla Firefox browser that I am using ( has built-in spell checking. At first, I thought it was some javascript running on the websites themselves (like the way Gmail does it). But then, I noticed it on the comment area on my own site and realized that it's the browser doing this.

Firefox spell checking

I have come across forum threads and mailing lists where discussions about GUI and operating systems often include complaints about the lack of a global spell checker, despite this feature being available in word processors and other softwares for a very long time. With more and more applications shifting to the browser, maybe we are about to finally achieve this goal.


On 8th July 2007, at 01:31am PKT, Adnan Siddiqi said:

sometimes it doesn't work and the reason is firefox don't install "default" dictionary during installation. I still couldn't figure out the reason behind it.

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