Mullah in a Burqa

Thursday 5th July 2007

Mullah in a Burqa

The standoff between the government's security forces and the pro-Taliban radicals inside Islamabad's Lal Masjid, or Red Mosque, continues. However, in a hilarious turn of events, their leader, the revered Abdul Aziz, tried to flee the scene last night disguised as a female ninja in a burka and was caught (as shown in the Aaj TV image below).

Mullah in a burqa

This humiliation should have been enough for the rest to throw down their arms and bring things to a conclusive end, but other than the almost 2000 who have surrendered so far, the rest are still defiant, led by Abdul Aziz's younger brother. The brother was interviewed live last night by the media and was having quite some trouble explaining his demands and the escape of his brother. Judging from what he said, it is entirely possible that these "men" have gone out in burqas before, which would explain a lot of things.

I think last night's event would lead to a single, most unexpected and least violent outcome of the situation. Any other way (like say bombing the area and vaporizing the idiots early on), the radicals would have had the upper hand and things would have gotten messy for everyone. Whether it was the government's extreme patience, or cowardice, holding out for so long has gone in their favor. It almost seems that the whole circus was a pre-planned conspiracy.


On 5th July 2007, at 22:10pm PKT, Asma said:

And situation is still in haze.

On 5th July 2007, at 22:34pm PKT, Sajjad said:

Hi Asma,

Yes, but it seems like Mulla Abdul Rasheed is desperately looking for a way to surrender or escape without losing face (too late for that).

The authorities have all the time in the world so my prediction is that it'll be over soon, either tonight or sometime tomorrow, without any further bloodshed or damage.

On 6th July 2007, at 03:36am PKT, Victor said:

Hey man, its the 21st century, even fundamentalist freaks are allowed to be cross-dressers!

What a man does in the evening in his spare time, even if it is spare time taken off from occupying a Mosque in a stand-off with the police, should be no-one's business!

Did the report say if they were wearing women's underwear too?

I bet you it was Victoria Secret!

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