Communications blackout or coincidence

Friday 16th March 2007

Communications blackout or coincidence

We just recovered (partially) from an hour long outage of all mobile and Internet connectivity. Connectivity and redundancy of networks is much better now compared to roughly two years ago when we faced a 2 week outage of international connectivity when the SMW3 fiber cable was cut, the sole Internet carrier at that time. Now there are a number of alternatives available, but what are the chances of all going down at once and all across the country?

I wonder if this could have anything to do with today's scheduled court hearing of the sacked Chief Justice and the countrywide protests that are taking place. Things are really heating up and the government seems to be on a roll when it comes to making blunders. What good can come out of making these silly mistakes and still claiming to be free, open and democratic is anybody's guess.

I had been a big fan of the prez in the khakis, but things don't look too good anymore.


On 19th March 2007, at 14:15pm PKT, A Pakistani. said:

I dont know why people like a dictator?
Pakistan army is not army but is an organization for Buiseness and earn profit for Gnenrals.

On 21st March 2007, at 10:11am PKT, Asmat Mr. Kabuki said:

Hey bro salamoona, Its been a long time. I was just doing some crap and you came to my mind and not saying a salam would have been very unpakhtoon and untokyoite. How is life man, I dont see you much around these days. Seems like either you have blocked me or you online with a different ID. If you get a chance, get online to have a little chat bro.

All the best from your sincere buddy


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