Law of the land

Friday 16th March 2007

Law of the land

The streets of Islamabad are very quiet for a Friday night. The shoppers, eaters and those simply enjoying the start of the weekend are not even half the normal crowd. It all seems to be the result of today's events.

Protesters were out in full swing and this time it was more than the usual Mullas angry about some insignificant event somewhere far away. This time, the cause was much closer to home and everyone who had a quarrel with the government, including the Mullas, exploited it to the fullest.

It has been about a week since the President suspended the Chief Justice and today was his second appearance before a tribunal to face the charges brought against him. Maybe the CJ did misuse his powers and maybe he didn't. But the way things were done has really put the government in the firing line and it appears that this time, the result will not be a very good one for it.

To make matters worse, security forces were shown breaking into the offices of Geo TV, the country's top private news channel. It is rumoured that the forces were trying to rescue one of their comrades who had been taken inside and beaten by protesters, but it isn't what the witnesses and the video clip say and Geo is using this to show what freedom of the press really is in this country.

The whole thing may have been overblown, but it just goes to show how badly the present government is handling the situation. Though the President has said that he will accept the decision of the Supreme Court, it is unlikely any of his critics will and things may deteriorate even further.

BBC's coverage here.


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