Worlds 2nd tallest building planned for Karachi

Friday 2nd March 2007

Worlds 2nd tallest building planned for Karachi

I just read this post on All Things Pakistan about plans for a 1947 feet building in Karachi. 1947 was the year of independence for Pakistan and holds a lot of significance, but 1947 feet (or 593 meters) seems like an unrealistic and overambitious target for a country with some serious problems. It's economy has only recently stabilized and still has a long way to go, terrorism is becoming a major threat and poverty is still rampant.

For comparison, 1,947 feet is taller than all current buildings in the world, including Taipei 101 (1,671 feet/508 meters including spire) and the Sears Tower (1,729 feet/527 meters including spire). It is also taller than those under construction with the exception of Burj Dubai whose actual height is yet to be disclosed, but will likely be above 2,600 feet.

Though ambitious projects such as this Karachi project and the Centaurus in Islamabad do represent lots of optimism and maybe some vision, they seem more like pipe dreams. It may be prudent to concentrate on building up a strong economy and tackling the menaces of terrorism, sectarian violence and human rights abuses before embarking on such feats.


On 2nd March 2007, at 23:07pm PKT, Prashanth said:

Yeah right !! World's second tallest building. Well, nt too difficult for a country whose economy thrives on underworld money.
What a shame Pakistan is !!

On 2nd March 2007, at 23:45pm PKT, Nauman Shah said:

Sounds ambitious, but nothing is impossible.

When Habib bank building in Karachi was built, there was nothing like it in the whole of Asia.

On 3rd March 2007, at 13:04pm PKT, Areeb said:

Seems interesting, but I don't think that it will be really good to go for such a thing under these circumstances !

On 19th March 2007, at 14:08pm PKT, rashid said:

On 17th April 2007, at 04:43am PKT, kashif khan said:

Too little too late.
Do appreciate the efforts though.

On 10th June 2007, at 01:30am PKT, Imran said:

small steps make the whole journey!!!

it sounds great, good on yew guys working for our country....

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