Breaking News: State of emergency imposed

Saturday 3rd November 2007

Breaking News: State of emergency imposed

A state of emergency has been imposed in Pakistan. This was broadcast by a number of TV channels, just before all of them went off air (BBC news blurb here and more reports on other news websites).

Things seem calm in the capital and at least the Internet connectivity I have access to is still working. Otherwise, there aren't any physical signs of this new development.

I don't see what the need was to do this at this point in time (off course there's the political unrest, terrorist attacks and all that, but when was the last time things were frickin normal with regards to these?) or what the consequences will be, other than the population spending a very boring weekend, but let's see.


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On 3rd November 2007, at 18:47pm PKT, babar said:

Geo is avaialable outside Pakistan. It seems like they are saying mobile, land line and Internet will be brought down as well.
It's also saying that Supreme court has opposed this Provisional constitutional Order PCO.
If you have high speed internet you can watch geo at

On 3rd November 2007, at 18:57pm PKT, Sajjad said:

Geo's main page is available. However, some of the links don't seem to be working (as I said, it could be webmaster incompetence).

While at least Mobilink is still ok, Ufone is only available for emergency calls.

On 3rd November 2007, at 19:13pm PKT, Babar said:

I meant to say Geo TV. The previous link seems to be blocked now. Digged out another one

On 3rd November 2007, at 22:08pm PKT, Demis John said:


I believe this is a very sad state in Pakistan. They once belonged to our nation and it must be admitted that they should be treated as our fellow brothers.. Thank God that even in cricket, we have lost the revengeful attitude to treat cricket as war.. Now I believe we have rivalry against Aussies..not Pakis..It would be difficult for the Pak Players to put up a good show when their family members are in awkward state..

Pakistan's separation from India had cost them much.. This rivalry was created by some anti social elements including terrorists and people like Musharraf.. If our country had a President like Bush, he would have already intervened into the situation..

This was least expected by the people of Pakistan when they separated from us.. Stop the nonsense Jihad and start loving each other.. You need to overcome evil with good..

I wish them all the best in the coming days.. God Bless Pakistan..

Jai Hind.. A loving brother from India..

On 4th November 2007, at 16:28pm PKT, Asma said:

At my end, i.e., in Islamabad. Mobilink as well as Ufone both were working fine. Net was faster and phone lines pretty OK.

Media creates more of chaos, No?

On 5th November 2007, at 22:38pm PKT, Atif said:

I didnt have any issue with my cell or net.

On 6th November 2007, at 15:15pm PKT, Alex said:

I see the lawyers are protesting:
How about the sysadmins...? :)
Nevermind... stay safe.

On 9th November 2007, at 06:19am PKT, Anonymous said:

Mr Zaidi the way you have reacted to the news about imposition of emergency is really really depressing. Its one thing being not aware enough but its altogether another thing being heartless, cruel and non chalant towards one of the most important developments of our time. The judiciary has been wiped out, constitution subverted and democracy derailed and all your concerned about is having a boring weekend. You know what. It is condescending attitude of our so-called educated youth such as you that has made this dictator's actions possible.
If you don't have the courage to denounce this black act, please don't ridicule the sacrifices offered by brave judges and thousands of lawyers.
I understand that your father is a bureaucrat but this isn't a reason enough to be so cruel and pathetic. You've lived overseas almost all your life, but remember that your still a Pakistani and your future lies here not in Tokyo or Rabat.

If your thinking reflects the thinking of an average 'educated' youngster, than God help us all.

On 10th November 2007, at 10:12am PKT, i said:

We created a mini-game in support of the Pakistani people.

You get to throw copies of the constitution at President Musharraf!


On 10th November 2007, at 14:11pm PKT, Sajjad said:

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for sharing your opinions. I often try to use humour and sarcasm in my posts and usually refrain from posting biased opinions. Sorry if this wasn't obvious to you.

I doubt any Pakistani, would treat this lightly and if that was my feeling towards it, I wouldn't have bothered to blog about it in the first place.

Most of us are sick of the instability in this country, whether it is because of the generals, the mullahs or the judiciary. Why can't we work for the sake of the country and leave these types of accusations and bickering out of it?