Free Muntadar al Zaidi

Wednesday 17th December 2008

Free Muntadar al Zaidi

Muntadhar al-Zaidi, the Iraqi TV journalist who aimed his shoes at President Bush during a press conference in Baghdad, is still in custody. There are reports that he has been beaten and is suffering from a number of injuries.

Both of the shoes that Zaidi threw missed their intended target, but for many, the symbolism marked a befitting end to a presidency that leaves behind a legacy of aggression, deceit and carnage.

Ever since the incident, the blogosphere has been abuzz with details of the throw and those involved. I first learned about the whole affair from Teeth Maestro and rumors that the shoes were made in Lahore or Gujrat, right here in Pakistan, have spawned some interesting conspiracy theories.

Just to put the above rumors to rest (sorry to burst the bubble), from the above BBC article:

Dargham al-Zaidi told the BBC that his brother deliberately bought Iraqi-made shoes, which were dark brown with laces. They were bought from a shop on al-Khyam street, a well-known shopping street in central Baghdad.

There's also this Facebook event that aims to support Zaidi and have people send their old boots to the White House as a parting gift for dubya.

Quite inspiring to see what a Zaidi armed only with a pair of shoes can achieve. I pray that he is released soon without further harm inflicted on him.


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On 17th December 2008, at 08:49am PKT, steveballmer said:

Shoes, eggs, pies, ... What next?

On 17th December 2008, at 11:32am PKT, Ersalan said:

can we send in your red shoes? you don't use em anymore anyway

On 19th December 2008, at 07:15am PKT, Noor said:

Now wher Al-Zaidi?
Why PKS's Buis-man gifted car to Al-Zahdi?

On 23rd December 2008, at 21:52pm PKT, ExpressFreedom said:

Muntadar al-Zaidi clearly disgraced his profession and expressed his anger in a way that has cost him his freedom, but his anger is echoed in the minds of every freedom loving person, who having had a chance, wouldn’t have hesitated to give Dubya a piece of their mind.
Bushes relentless smirking at the fact that deep down inside he knows that all efforts to promote real freedom and independence are squashed by a system set in place to plunder, pillage and destroy the very things it is apparently set out to create.
As soon as that first shoe left Mr.Al-Zaidi´s hands a huge statment was made.
''This is a gift from the Iraqis( AND THE WORLD); this is OUR farewell kiss, you dog!''