Cyber war declared on the Middle East?

Thursday 7th February 2008

Cyber war declared on the Middle East?

Amazingly, a fifth breakdown in the Middle East's Internet connectivity has occurred within the span of just a week. This is far from a simple coincidence and can only mean that something big is going on.

cable cuts map

It all started with the two undersea cable cuts on Wednesday, last week, and this was followed by a series of cuts, stretching from the Mediterranean, all the way to Malaysia. Though we in Pakistan hardly felt any of the effects, a number of Middle Eastern countries suffered as much as 70% loss in connectivity.

There's more info on this, as well as the above map, here, while this article, posted on TGP, attempts to "connect the dots". Very interesting read.


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On 7th February 2008, at 13:43pm PKT, Ersalan said:

Great now i cant chat to my Middle Eastern friends : P~

On 7th February 2008, at 13:45pm PKT, Ersalan said:

"I still think it was Rudy Giuliani" - Read this on How true X D

On 7th February 2008, at 22:30pm PKT, Nikki said:

It is indeed true, we r suffering from loss of connectivity in the Middle-Eastern countries, no use of having high speed internet connectivity when thr isnt any speed at all :O

On 9th February 2008, at 14:54pm PKT, said:

Thanks for the link! I'm glad you have enjoyed the post.

It seems that no matter how old it gets, you just can't seem to make fun of Rudy Giuliani enough.

If you're looking for some more plausible reasons as to why the cables may have been cut then I would suggest checking out "part 2" to that map here:

Thanks again!

On 29th March 2008, at 22:49pm PKT, Spy Guy said:

For about a year now the former Chief Strategist of Netscape has been warning everyone through his articles that this was a huge threat and actually identified several strategies and tactics that if used would compromise the information infrastructure in the U.S. and globally. Why is it our intelligence services are just waking up to this threat? Why is it throughout history we ignore or dismiss the experts until it is too late! I just did a Google search (Kevin Coleman Cyber Attack) and found over 13,000 references. With that much intelligence we should be much further along in protecting and defending against cyber attacks that we are today!

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