Hooked on Cracked

Friday 4th July 2008

Hooked on Cracked

Was reading about Blogged on TechCrunch and submitted my blog to be included in the directory (still awaiting confirmation). While poking around, I found some really interesting blogs on it, including Cracked.com (some parts may border on NSFW).

If you're a comics and movies fan (or simply a science nerd), you'll enjoy such articles as 5 Terrible Life Lessons Hollywood Loves to Teach You or 6 Supposed Action Heroes You Could Probably Take In A Fight or even 7 People From Around the World With Real Mutant Superpowers.

Tough to stop reading once you start.


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On 6th July 2008, at 23:52pm PKST, Ersalan said:

This might cost me my job!

On 16th July 2008, at 13:15pm PKST, shopping cart said:

Thanks for intro. you are right but I have no time.