Social aggregator FriendFeed

Tuesday 22nd July 2008

Social aggregator FriendFeed


I haven't had a chance to check out so many recent phenomenon, such as Twitter, but there's been a lot of buzz lately about friendfeed and I easily got started with it. It was just so very simple and could be the social networking and blogging consolidator I always needed. For now, I've just added my blog on it though should be adding more stuff soon. Catch me and my friends at


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On 24th July 2008, at 23:04pm PKST, ersalan said:

I'm so over the internet... I think reading books would be more fun now

On 20th October 2008, at 22:13pm PKST, Akbar Durrani said:

Can I post Event's Related info. here?

Thank you

On 12th December 2008, at 14:19pm PKT, Sajjad said:

Sure thing. Micro-blogging can be used for any number of innovative things. It's up to you to come up with the ideas.

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