FUD campaign against the President

Saturday 7th June 2008

FUD campaign against the President

Soon after this years elections, a wide-scale campaign seems to be in place to bring down President Musharraf. Ironic, considering that those fueling this campaign are the very people that were allowed to return to power by his government.

Retired generals, failed politicians and anybody with a personal vendetta against the president is coming out of the woodwork and hurling all sorts of accusations at him. And they won't be content at simply getting him to resign. They also want to see him burnt at the stake for crimes as grave as treason.

All the emotionally charged speeches are working well to stir up trouble across the country and I guess it's a little hard to hope that ordinary people see through these and force the new overlords to get their act together and do something positive for a change. However, one thing that perplexes me is that the majority of people I know are much in favor of President Musharraf as the leader of the nation. Then where is the majority that opposes him? Or maybe it's just that I don't move around in those circles.

After a lengthy silence, the President faced the media today and cleared up a number of accusations against him, emphasizing on the reconciliation of the different parties and the betterment of the country. Off course, the media that his government liberated doesn't have any qualms about questioning whatever he's said and demonizing him in any way they can.

Maybe we don't deserve a democratically elected government just yet. Maybe there's a reason we've prospered in the last few years under a "dictatorship" while the elected governments have only brought trouble. God bless Pakistan.


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On 9th June 2008, at 12:27pm PKST, Earthquake Facts said:

nice post!

On 9th June 2008, at 21:45pm PKST, Atif said:

Totally agree. I really dont understand why the hell those stupid yet corrupt politicians are politicizing judge issue when a common man has nothing to do with that. Why the hell everyone is avoiding the real issues like electricity, oil price, flour price, milk, sugar and so many other real issues. I guess they know they dont have balls to deal with those issues and thats the reason they are creating fuzz over judge issue. God bless Pakistan and Musharraf.

On 13th June 2008, at 00:51am PKST, Ersalan said:

Hail the ex-General!

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