Updating Ubuntu for daylight savings time

Monday 2nd June 2008

Updating Ubuntu for daylight savings time

Wasim Baig thankfully posted a link to the updated tzdata file that includes the updates for Pakistan Standard Time (PKST). You can get it here:


If you're using Ubuntu Linux, updating the system is a simple procedure, just extract the file for Asia and run zic:

wget ftp://elsie.nci.nih.gov/pub/tzdata2008c.tar.gz
tar xzf tzdata2008c.tar.gz asia
zic asia

That'll update the timezone data and you can verify it by checking your system time/date. The timezone will show up as PKST instead of PKT.


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On 4th June 2008, at 13:12pm PKT, Ersalan said:

Should've payed more attention to this the first time. Looked at my system clock today and thought "boi im an hour early"

On 4th June 2008, at 13:14pm PKT, Ersalan said:

There's something werid going on. When i used to comment before, the page would refresh automatically and i would see my comment but now i have to refresh it manually to see my comment.

Time to move to web 2.05

On 16th June 2008, at 12:50pm PKST, Sajjad said:

This step is no longer required for Ubuntu. They released an update of the "tzdata" package a few days ago which contains this fix.

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On 10th September 2008, at 16:31pm PKST, M. Tariq Badsha said:

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