Where there is a boom

Monday 30th June 2008

Where there is a boom

I heard a distant bang about an hour back and assumed it was another bomb blast. Suddenly there was speculation that it could be in retaliation to the recent renewed offensive against militants by the Army. The news said there were two explosions somewhere around the Army House in Pindi, but nobody could figure out where exactly.
(BBC post)

I started to suspect it could have been the sonic boom from a jet. Called my mom and she said the booms were really loud around my house. That must be at least 20km from the suspected epicenter of the blast so if it was a bomb, it would have had to be a really big one. Else, the Air Force probably has a better explanation.

Still no confirmation on what happened, but I hope it really was just a sonic boom.

Update 23:00 PKST The Pakistan Air Force has confirmed via an official statement that it was indeed a sonic boom, created by one of their jets on a routine test flight. Amen for that.


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On 30th June 2008, at 17:36pm PKST, Mehdi Raza said:

It has been confirmed. It was a sonic boom.

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