Huge bomb blast in Islamabad

Saturday 20th September 2008

Huge bomb blast in Islamabad

Was shaken by a huge explosion a few minutes back. Felt like the building was about to come down, but initial reports indicate the bomb blast was at least a couple kilometers from where I am, around the Marriot Hotel area.

Must be a really big one to be felt so badly at such a distance and I hope the damage wasn't too great.


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On 20th September 2008, at 23:05pm PKST, BILAL ZEB said:

This is really discusting, glad to know that you are safe...

On 21st September 2008, at 04:56am PKST, Daniel Leuck said:

I'm glad to hear you are safe. That whole situation is just insane.

Mika says hello.

On 28th September 2008, at 15:32pm PKST, Rasheed Ahmed Khoso said:

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