Daylight Savings Time again

Tuesday 7th April 2009

Daylight Savings Time again

I've been searching in vain to find out if and when daylight savings time will come into effect this year. Instead, the answer found me when I went to bigtugboat this morning.

Though I'm unable to confirm from "official" sources at this moment, it will start from May 1st this year. Ubuntu's recent update of the tzdata package didn't contain this update either so there is still some doubt left, but I really hope it becomes a permanent thing.

Power savings may be negligible, but it definitely brings more light in our lives.


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On 9th April 2009, at 20:05pm PKT, Rehmat said:

Well, the news is in today's Dawn, the official day time saving would start from 15th April

On 12th April 2009, at 22:45pm PKT, Housewife said:

DST will start from 15th April this year as decided in a cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Gilani...enjoy light!

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