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Wednesday 18th February 2009

Nayatel fiber to the home

Islamabad Internet

Been pretty busy so a quick post after such a long pause.

Getting quite sick of PTCL. They took around 6 months to install a simple phone line and another few months before I had DSL at home. Then they billed me for all the time that I was waiting for them. All that despite knowing the right (or maybe wrong) people.

That's not all. My home wiring is so shoddy that I can only use one thing at a time; either the phone or the DSL. And from about a week back, PTCL has started some sort of filtering on web traffic. Websites open really slowly, if at all. HTTP requests keep timing out while SSH etc. continue to work just fine.

I happen to be lucky enough to live in an area rich in fiber and luckier still to get my hands on the pricey equipment required. So you can understand my excitement at the digging going on outside. Should have Nayatel's fiber connectivity (FTTH) by the end of the day.

No more unstable DSL. And no more low-performing, monitored PTCL connectivity. Maybe a little more blogging.


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