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Thursday 15th January 2009

Save Humans and mission Gaza


A friend of mine is actively working on a project by the name of Save Humans which aims to do what it says; save human lives. Currently, it is concentrating on the situation in Gaza where the number of people killed by Israel's offensive has exceeded 1,000 (including a disturbingly high proportion of women and children) with many more wounded. From the website:

Mission Gaza
We are a non-political on-line humanitarian forum working for humanity's welfare irrespective of religion, race or ethnicity.

There is a medical team ready which is awaiting permission from the Egyptian government to setup camp near the Rafah border and treat the wounded coming in. Besides monetary donations, they are looking for support in all forms, be it volunteers with medical experience or simply moral support and spreading the message.

Over at BoingBoing, there is a discussion in response to a post from a Red Cross worker in Gaza. Also worth a read.


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Wednesday 14th January 2009

US Presidents before and after


Here is what President Barack Obama might look like when he leaves office in eight year's time:

Obama after serving as president

Seems that being the president of the United States is such a stressful job that the wear and tear causes them to age twice as fast as an average person unless they maintain a very healthy lifestyle.

Though Obama has what it takes to overcome all this, his time in office may be the toughest we've seen in a while. Dealing with an ever-worsening global financial crisis and a serious situation developing in and around the Middle East, he'll have his hands full and all this could take its toll.

I have to wonder, is this kind of stress and accelerated aging common for all rulers? Can't be true for all rulers. Just look at our excuse for a prez. Wouldn't it have been a lot greater for other great leaders in history? How did the Prophets deal with it? Prayer? How did people like Alexander and the Caesars do (well, most of them did go a little crazy)?

Oh, do check out the Xerxy fun blog. Updated quite regularly with other fun stuff like the above.


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Wednesday 7th January 2009

Ashura and its true meaning


The 10th of Muharram, or Ashura, is here after another year. This was the day when Imam Hussain (A.S.), the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H)'s grandson, sacrificed his life, along with his followers, to preserve the sanctity and spirit of Islam.

Now more than ever, people around the world, including many that don't even belong to the Shiite sect or are not even Muslims but understand the significance, are mourning the events that took place at Karbala almost 1400 years ago. Without it, the light that is true Islam may have been extinguished forever and the ensuing darkness would have swallowed up the rest of the civilized world.

Though the annual event has become another ritual for many, what we must remember are the lessons it teaches us. To be strong in the face of injustice. To not bend to the will of evil, even when under pressure. Now, more than ever, we need to be strong and united and not give in to wrong and unjust demands.

The true path is never easy, but we must not stray from it.


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Sunday 4th January 2009

Pakistani bloggers forum

Pakistan Blogging

After the recent blogging meetups around Pakistan, which proved to be very successful, some of us felt the need for a central platform where Pakistani bloggers could communicate with each other. I especially wanted to get regular meetups going around the country and this would have been an ideal place.

Thanks to Teeth Maestro, a forum is now up and running. already provides an aggregator for Pakistani blogs and is an excellent tool to stay updated. Check it out and let's join hands in building a national blogging community.


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Friday 2nd January 2009

Israel and its helpless victims


For the last few days, I have been wanting to say something about the terror that is still being brought down on the people of Gaza by the state of Israel, yet I am too appalled, too shocked to come up with words that can do any sort of justice.

It is easy for us to condemn a single suicide bomber or mastermind behind an act of terror. How do you condemn a "cleansing" such as this? The world did nothing to stop the Holocaust. The world again did nothing to stop the Rwanda massacre. And it is still too crippled to do anything about the innocent civilians being killed.

Are we doomed to repeat history until we can no longer call ourselves human?


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Thursday 1st January 2009

Hope and 2009


2008 ends and 2009 begins. 2008 hasn't been the stable and prosperous year I had hoped for, but what can be done besides hoping for a better future. It is hope that keeps telling me that 2009 can't get any worse than 2008 was.

The biggest tragedies to scar my year included President Musharraf's removal, our new prez unelect, the Marriott hotel bombing in Islamabad, Israel's ongoing campaign of terror in Gaza, and a couple of personal ones.

Right now, the only positive events of 2008 that I can recall and think are worth mentioning are Obama's victory in the US presidential elections and the successful implementation of daylight savings time in Pakistan.

2009 is starting off pretty tough, with the global financial crisis still as troubling as ever and chances of outright war (in various parts of the world) increasing. However, there is hope. If we can survive through these troubling times (and I'm hopeful that we will), within a year, the world will be a far better place. Hope to see you all in a better future.


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