Pakistani bloggers forum

Sunday 4th January 2009

Pakistani bloggers forum

After the recent blogging meetups around Pakistan, which proved to be very successful, some of us felt the need for a central platform where Pakistani bloggers could communicate with each other. I especially wanted to get regular meetups going around the country and this would have been an ideal place.

Thanks to Teeth Maestro, a forum is now up and running. already provides an aggregator for Pakistani blogs and is an excellent tool to stay updated. Check it out and let's join hands in building a national blogging community.


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On 7th January 2009, at 12:59pm PKT, BILLU BILLA said:

Nice Attepmt

On 13th January 2009, at 20:51pm PKT, 78hg said:

Your blog is very fast to visit,although i am in China.

On 19th January 2009, at 18:12pm PKT, sikander hayat said:

To read more about Pakistan related development s and the regional in general, please visit

On 22nd January 2009, at 18:14pm PKT, cexoceats said:

Hi! A good forum, glad to join you :-)

On 3rd February 2009, at 00:34am PKT, gaillelia said:

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On 11th February 2009, at 10:46am PKT, Assodsshita said:

fascinating and educational, but would participate in something more on this topic?

On 15th February 2009, at 03:30am PKT, VolizioKrushavec said:

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On 16th February 2009, at 02:22am PKT, Spequezes said:

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On 17th February 2009, at 10:00am PKT, Neulleycryday said:

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On 17th February 2009, at 17:42pm PKT, pedsleeldit said:

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