Rawal Lake Jetty Sunrise

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Rawal Lake is one of the best places to witness an Islamabad sunrise. This shot was taken there on a cold winter morning. The floating pier was barely a foot across and the I got within inches of it to shoot this.


Steaming cup of cha

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Steaming milk tea Rawalpindi

In an early morning photo shoot last winter, we found quite a few interesting sights. This tea seller was serving hot, steaming tea to locals gathered for breakfast in the old bazaars of Rawalpindi.


Kalyan Minaret of Bukhara

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Shot from the base of the Kalyan Minaret in Bukhara, Uzbekistan. The tower is covered with intricate designs, made even more amazing by the simple, sandy color. The 12th century structure was the only one left intact, due to its beauty, after Genghis Khan’s conquest and destruction of Bukhara. It was later used to execute […]


City of Gold

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Islamabad monument

I like to call this shot Cidade de Ouro (City of Gold). Though the monument of a star and crescent moon has a silvery, metallic finish, the street lights turn it into the golden gates to the city of Islamabad. The fisheye view gave it a different perspective and made it stand out.