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The Headdress of a Kalashi Woman

The Kalash tribe in the mountains of Northern Pakistan has preserved its ancient culture and customs. Their unique way of life includes dressing that is not found anywhere else in the world. The main component of a Kalashi woman’s garb is a headdress made out of elaborate patterns and seashells.

Kalash tribal headdress

Shot at the 2014 spring festival.

The Mystique of Hunza Valley

The best time to visit the fabled Hunza Valley at the northern tip of Pakistan is during autumn. At that time of the year, the leaves turn yellow and the fruits have ripened. However, spring is still an amazing time. The lush green foliage is soothing and some of the best cherries I have ever tasted can be eaten right off the trees.

Hunza Valley in clouds

This was a shot taken while on the way back from the Eagle’s Nest Hotel which rests high above the towns and forts below. It had just rained and the landscape was covered in low-hanging clouds.

Eurasian collared dove at Lakeview Bird Park

Islamabad’s Lakeview Park is home to an aviary, the biggest in Pakistan, that contains a wide variety of birds. One of these is the Eurasian collared dove, pictured here:

Eurasian collared dove, Lakeview Bird Park, Islamabad

These beautiful birds make up just a fraction of the species within the bird park.