Pigeons at the tomb of Shah Yousaf Gardez

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Shah Yousaf Gardez was an 11th century saint who settled in Multan and is associated with many miraculous feats. It is said that he arrived riding a lion and using a live serpent as a whip. A pair of pigeons also followed him and came to nest at the place of his burial. The shrine’s […]


Pond at Rama, Astore

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Rama is a forested hill resort in Gilgit Baltistan’s Astore District. Rama Lake is a couple of hours trek from here. This pond was found in the surrounding forest, on the way back from the lake. Covered in pine needles, it made for quite a soothing sight.


Halo above Miranjani Top

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Miranjani Peak (2,992 metres/9,816 ft) is the highest point in the Galiyat/Hazarajat/Murree region. This includes the Abbottabad and Rawalpindi districts, as well as the Islamabad federal area. Depending on fitness and weather conditions, it takes between 2 to 4 hours to reach the top from the holiday retreat of Nathia Gali. Last Saturday was my […]